Solid-State Amplifier Solutions
for Military and Commercial Applications

CTT supplies customers worldwide with power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, frequency converters, frequency multipliers, transmitters, transceivers, and receivers within the frequency spectrum of 10 MHz to 100 GHz.

Tens of thousands of microwave amplifiers and assemblies have been delivered into applications including: EW, ECM, ESM, radar systems including SAR, missiles, jammers, UAVs, seekers, decoys, data links, simulators, test and measurement, commercial telecommunications, and communications systems.
CTT continues to incorporate excellence in engineering and production technology into our products in order to make your programs - whether new or upgrade - effective.
The export of some CTT Inc. products are subject to current International Trade Regulations and Export Administration Regulations.

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New 48-Page Product Catalog

Solid-State Amplifier Solutions for
Military & Commercial Applications.

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23-25 June, 2020
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New CTT 600W X-Band
GaN Power Amplifier

CTT 600W GaN Amplifier
Exceptional choice for
use in SAR

New CTT 40W Multi-Band GaN Power Amplifier

CTT 40W GaN Power Amplifier
SWaP solutions for EW & SATCOM