Rack-Mount Power Amplifiers

100 MHz to 31 GHz

CTT’s 19-inch rack-mount amplifiers are designed for wide or narrow band linear applications covering UHF through Ka-Band (0.5 to 31 GHz). Solid-state power transistors (Bipolar, GaAs or GaN) are used to achieve high MTBF.
The RP series is designed to operate in the linear region to maximize third order intercept point, while the RS series operate in the saturated mode to achieve maximum output power. The RG series employ GaN devices to achieve higher power, wide bandwidth and efficiency.
Cooling fans and heat sinks are built-in to keep the junction temperature of the transistors in a safe operating region. All units have EMI/RFI filter, built in regulator and/or sequential bias circuit for protection. Output power monitor, RF connectors, waveguide input or output, alarm circuitry, attenuator or DC-DC converter are optional.
These units are ideally suitable for commercial and industrial applications which need low maintenance, good performance and high reliability. They are most suitable for TWT replacement, driver amplifier, transmitter, ground stations and point-to-point communication requirements.
Any CTT amplifier can be supplied in a rack-mount configuration. Contact CTT with your specialized application requirements.


► High Power Density
► Increased Efficiency
► Low Average Power Consumption
► Excellent Phase Linearity & Phase Linearity
► Low Thermal Noise
Custom Engineered Options (CEOs)