Multifunction Subassemblies

100 MHz to 40 GHz

► Military and Commercial Expertise
► Frequency Coverage from 100 MHz to 40 GHz
► Complete Subsystem Integration
► Proprietary Component Library
► MIC Thin-Film Design for High Reliability
Custom Engineered Options (CEOs)


CTT multi-function integrated subassemblies are designed for
flexibility to ensure ease of manufacturing by utilizing thin-film circuits that incorporate the latest in GaN and GaAs FET device technology.
CTT’s design approach also provides cost effective methods that limit the customer “investment” as well as development time required during the engineering phase of development. Here CTT can optimize product performance to insure customer objectives are met. A key ingredient in the design of integrated assemblies is the ability to provide optimum component performance. CTT’s design staff with the help of analytical software, accomplish in- depth system analysis and provide performance trade-offs that result in quick results and provides customers with data that can be used in their system analysis.
These amplifier-driven assemblies are designed for use in applications that include wideband EW systems, as well as high power, high dynamic range radar systems plus the latest high reliability cost effective commercial communication systems and microwave radios, such as T/R Module and Transceiver.
To meet customer’s special needs, such subsystems may consist of integration of the following microwave components:
• Detectors • Couplers • Power Dividers • Attenuators • Limiters • Switches • Filters • Mixers • Low-noise amplifiers • Amplifier gain blocks • High power amplifiers • Oscillators • Phase shifters • Gain/phase equalizers • etc.


CTT’s subassembly operation has been producing complex integrated assemblies including:
• FM/CW Altimeter Front Ends
• Missile Seeker RF Sections
• 0.5–18 GHz EW RWR MW Front Ends
• Datalink Transceivers


CTT has the in-house design and manufacturing capabilities and has the skills and experience in performing the integration of microwave subsystems in a timely and cost effective manner.