GaN Solid-State Narrowband
Power Amplifiers (Pulsed)

► Increased Efficiency
► Low Average Power Consumption
► Excellent Phase Linearity & Phase Linearity
► Low Thermal Noise
Custom Engineered Options (CEOs)


Incorporation of new Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology into solid-state power amplifiers (SSPAs) is our latest innovation and has brought dramatic results in amplifier performance. Over the past few years CTT has been continually optimizing its proprietary designs to take advantage of the unique characteristics of the latest GaN devices.
One of the most important features of GaN is the high power density it offers, effectively offering the system designer increased RF power in a smaller footprint than previously available. GaN’s higher operating voltage reduces the necessity of DC-to-DC conversion, thus resulting in increased efficiency with consequent savings in power consumption and reduction of cooling concerns.
CTT’s latest innovative circuit and coupler designs have contributed to our amplifiers having frequency performance ranges of more than 6:1.
*AGN-P pulse mode series amplifiers can ONLY operate at pulse mode, requiring an external TTL signal to turn On/Off the amplifier. The delay plus rise time, or delay plus fall time, is less than 500µS. Shorter response times are available, ie: 250µS or faster. Contact the factory.
GaN Narrowband PAs: ≤100 µS pulse width or 10% duty cycle. Exceeding 10% duty will damage the amplifier.