GaAs Narrowband Power Amplifiers
up to 1 kW

► Solid-State Power Amplifiers
► Frequency Coverage from 100 MHz to 40 GHz
► MIC Thin-Film Design for High Reliability
Custom Engineered Options (CEOs)
► Replacements for Legacy GaAs Power Amplifiers


Power Amplifiers are CTT’s forte. Over the past 20 years, the preponderance of our research and development has been devoted to this market segment. As a result, numerous proprietary, unique approaches to microwave power amplification have been incorporated in, both our narrow-band, and broad-band power amplifiers. For example, development in low-loss broad-band output stage power combiners allow CTT to deliver 6–18 GHz, 40 Watt amplifiers in volume – an industry first!
In narrow band applications, CTT’s ability to deliver 1 Kilowatt at X-band and 200 Watts at C-band has allowed system designers to eliminate intermediate amplification stages formerly required; thus, improving overall system reliability as well as reducing cost.
CTT’s most recent contribution to microwave power is focused on the automated production of power modules. This capital investment has improved individual productivity by a factor of 3, and resulted in the introduction of more than 90 new power amplifiers.
CTT’s unique MIC modules are designed to obtain higher output power, better VSWR and wider bandwidth. These MIC thin-film modules are eutectically attached to metal carriers and mechanically mounted to the aluminum housings. Many units now use the state-of-the-art internally matched power FETs for the final stages.
All units have built in regulator and/or sequential bias circuit for protection. The specifications shown are guaranteed at +25°C case temperature.
These units are ideally suitable for commercial, industrial, and military applications that require low maintenance, good performance, high reliability and quick delivery. They are most suitable for TWT replacement, IPA, driver amplifier, transmitter, radar, EW, RPV, UAV, point-to-point and datalink communications.
Power Amplifier Comments:
  1. 1. Proper heat sinking is REQUIRED to keep the CASE temperature below +70°C. Otherwise, permanent damage or degradation may occur.
  2. 2. CTT can provide replacements for many hard to find products including those formerly produced by Amplica, Avantek, Celeritek, and Watkins-Johnson Company (WJ).
  3. 3. Noise figure will rise 0.015 dB/°C typically as the temperature increases.
  4. 4. P1dB will drop approximately 1 dB from +25°C to +70°C.
  5. 5. All units contain internal voltage regulators.
  6. 6. TTL control, pulsed amplification, monitor, detector and DC-DC power supplies are optional.
  7. 7. Consult the factory for additional gain, power, frequencies, temperature compensation or any special functions.
  8. 8. SP = Special Enclosure. Please contact the factory for outline drawing.
  9. 9. * = Saturated power (All AS Series amplifiers).