Compact, Wideband Low-Noise & Medium Power Amplifiers
0.1 GHz to 20 GHz

► AB Series Low-Noise
► AD Series Drivers for TWTAs or GaN Power Amplifiers
► Wide Dynamic Range
► Frequency Coverage from 0.1 GHz to 20.0 GHz


For unique subassembly configurations, requiring separate driver and power amplifiers, CTT’s AD Series offer small size, single voltage, with up to 1 Watt of output power.  Low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) are, by design and application, small signal amplifiers, intended to be the primary signal booster in RF subsystems; especially those where link-margins are critical.
Since overall LNA performance is determined largely by the first stage of amplification, CTT has combined its many years of experience in characterizing these devices with its expertise in the design of matching circuits to optimize noise figure performance.
CTT has developed an extensive “Library” of device parameters and compatible matching solutions, which allow predictable, repeatable noise performance. This “Library” is the basis for CTT’s automated module production capability, which has been able to virtually triple module production efficiency.
These amplifiers are high performance, low-cost, GaAs FET amplifiers. Each LNA comes with removable SMA connectors.