Power Amplifier Comments

1. Proper heat sinking is REQUIRED to keep the CASE temperature below +70°C. Otherwise, permanent damage or degradation may occur.
2. CTT can provide replacements for many hard to find products including those formerly produced by Amplica, Avantek, Celeritek, and Watkins-Johnson Company (WJ).
3. Noise figure will rise 0.015 dB/°C typically as the temperature increases.
4. P1dB will drop approximately 1 dB from +25°C to +70°C.
5. All units contain internal voltage regulators.
6. TTL control, pulsed amplification, monitor, detector and DC-DC power supplies are optional.
7. Consult the factory for additional gain, power, frequencies, temperature compensation or any special functions.
8. SP = Special Enclosure. Please contact the factory for outline drawing.
9. * = Saturated power (All AS Series amplifiers).