Low-Noise Amplifier Comments

Low-Noise Amplifier Comments Applies to all AM, AF and AL Series amplifiers
1. All specifications are guaranteed at +25°C CASE temperature as measured in the linear region.
2. CTT can provide replacements for many hard to find amplification products including those formerly produced by Amplica, Inc., Avantek, Inc., Celeritek and Watkins-Johnson Company (WJ).
3. Noise figure will rise 0.015 dB/°C typically as the temperature increases.
4. P1dB will drop approximately 1 dB from +25°C to +85°C.
5. All units contain internal voltage regulators which can operate from +12 to +15 VDC.
6. Proper heat sinking is REQUIRED to keep the case temperature below +105°C. Otherwise, permanent damage or degradation may occur.
7. Consult the factory for additional gain, power, higher frequencies, temperature compensation or any special functions.
8. Commercial versions are available with reduced screening and industrial-grade FETs.
9. Maximum power without damage is +12 dBm min. Up to +20 dBm option available, contact factory.
10. For selected applications, lower noise-figures are available, contact the factory.