History of CTT

CTT Headquarters
Since 1981 CTT has been supplying customers worldwide with power amplifiers, frequency converters, frequency multipliers, transmitters, transceivers, and receivers within the frequency spectrum of 300 MHz to 45 GHz. CTT's products are designed to provide the best price versus performance combination for each customer, whether the end use is military, industrial or commercial.

• Experience
CTT began as a microwave amplifier supplier serving the wireless and defense electronics markets. The requirements for the majority of the products supplied are in accordance with customer provided specifications requiring the company to develop designs, processes and procedures that ensure versatility while maintaining low cost and high reliability.

CTT has extensive experience in design and production using either PC board techniques, where low frequency, low cost and time-to-market are the primary driving forces, or using MMIC construction where performance above 18 GHz is required.

Having built thousands of products with power levels that range from a few watts to 1 kW, CTT has become a leader in solid-state microwave amplification.

• Partnerships
CTT Realizes that in today's microwave markets there exists a dynamic condition of product requirements and scheduling and has in place a strategic partnership mindset with its employees towards its customers. CTT customers enjoy a single contact point that looks after their needs as the product is being manufactured and delivered. These program managers will use their staff to provide weekly status reports, daily WIP analysis and real-time product tracking. All of this information is available to CTT customers on request.

• Advanced State-of-the-Art Design
To be a profitable as well as a low-cost producer, requires a company to invest heavily into the design and manufacturing concepts that will be used in its products. These concepts ensure that the very latest state-of-the-art technology is being used in a cost-effective manner.

The design team at CTT prides itself as a team that can take a product from concept to production faster than any other company with which CTT competes.

• Investing for the Future
The investment in the development of standard building blocks, common process and procedures provide a quick and smooth transition from engineering through production. The engineering staff at CTT compromises approximately 20% of the total personnel. The majority of engineers have advanced degrees and include expertise in amplifiers, oscillators, switches, frequency converters, monitor and control circuits.

Manufacturing and Quality

• CTT, Inc. Quality Policy
It shall remain CTT's goal to supply our customer with a reliable on-time product and to maintain this goal through continuous improvement of our quality system.

• Manufacturing Plus Quality Equals Reliability
CTT is committed to provide the highest level of reliability in its products. This is demonstrated by the extremely low number of repairs that the company receives.

Every product that CTT delivers strictly adheres to active de-rating criteria, thermal design consideration and proven manufacturing techniques established by CTT's engineering and quality departments as well as those required by it's suppliers.

• Manufacturing
The manufacturing operations at CTT are highly integrated into all facets of the production build.

CTT maintains manufacturing operations in its San Jose, California headquarter. These offices are staffed with engineering and materials support personnel that manage the day-to-day activities.

During development phase, manufacturing operations perform product planning that includes design verification, supplier selection, manpower analysis, equipment needs and master scheduling.

Once a product is committed to the production department, production control monitors material suppliers and work-in-process to ensure that any issues effecting the delivery commitments are addressed and corrected immediately.

Automation is used extensively all through the manufacturing process wherever possible.

• Quality
CTT is committed to the concept that quality must be designed in and not inspected into the product. The quality engineers review all designs for compliance to CTT's quality and workmanship standards and assist design engineering in the selection of suppliers and components.

Inspection points throughout the manufacturing process are maintained and deviations analyzed and controlled through TQM and SPC programs to ensure a consistent manufacturing process.

To assure the highest level of reliability, CTT has implemented its own screening program derived from MIL-PRF-38534. Custom screening procedures are available on special request.

CTT's quality and process control systems are approved to AS9100C, MIL-I-45208, and JSTDs. Test and measurement equipment is calibrated in accordance with MIL-STD-45662 and ANZI-Z-540.

CTT is an AS9100C Registered company and has received numerous supplier excellence awards for quality and performance.